How does it work?

  1. End user is verified and logs in using a PIN on the VeroCard.
  2. Data is encrypted and secured via VeroGuard system, then split and stored in VeroVault servers
  3. Files are stored as encrypted packets across an array of servers
  4. Files can only be extracted and re-built through the VeroGuard and VeroCard system.

By storing your files as encrypted packets separated across an array of file servers, hackers are unable to gain access to any file stored in VeroVault . VeroVault guarantees the author of a transaction online and non-hacking of the transaction or associated data even outside an organisation’s firewall. It uses the same encryption end to end from Vero Systems to ensure security of input, sharing and retrieval. It will verify the authenticity of the document, time stamp it and maintain a full chain of evidence as to where the document goes and who made what changes.VeroVault also has collaboration tools such as digital signatures & email.

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